How Big is Amazon? Infographic from Frugal Dad

This week I plan to post a number of different articles about Amazon. Call it “Amazon Week” on Tell Better Stories if you will.


Amazon has changed the publishing industry. In under 20 years it has moved from being a project in Jeff Bezo’s garage to the most significant retailer in publishing – and potentially the most significant in many other markets too. I assume that most folks reading this blog either want to be involved in the publishing industry (i.e. wannabe authors like me), or are already are involved in some capacity. Either way, if you want to publish now or in the future, you’ve got to think critically about Amazon. It’s too big a player to take lightly. 

FrugalDad posted this info graphic a few weeks back and it promptly circulated around the inbox’s where I work. Here’s a bit from his post to help set it up:

The story of its growth in the last 17 years can only be compared to the thunderous rise of Walmart.  And in some ways, the curve is steeper: the million-title-bookseller turned world’s-largest-retailer hit the $50 billion sales mark in half the time it took Walmart.  As far as online sales go, Amazon has laid waste to a list of successively higher-caliber competitors.  Playing full-court with Barnes & Noble to Walmart all the way to Apple, Amazon just keeps outgrowing its labels: bookseller, e-tailer and now tech company?

Amazon Coupons


So, what comes to mind after you read this? If you are a writer – what are you thinking now?

The line that gets my wheels turning: “Amazon became an empire providing just about everything faster an cheaper than anyone.

Empires of any kind worry me.


One thought on “How Big is Amazon? Infographic from Frugal Dad

  1. Dirk Wierenga

    They are certainly a game changer. Part ruthless, part customer friendly, part contol freak. To ignore them comes at ones own peril. Now if only we could get them to restart the Slingerland brand, maybe I could get a blue sparkle Radio King snare drum.


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