On Planning a Writer’s Conference

I’m a part of the planning committee for the annual Breathe Conference. It’s a Christian writer’s conference that takes place every year in the west Michigan area. We pull in nationally known writers and speakers. Our goal is to create a two-day conference that equips writers with practical ideas to help them in their craft, and also spiritual encouragement to keep them creating, writing, and dreaming with the creator and his boundless creativity in mind.

Every month we meet in a bookstore / coffee house to discuss plans and make decisions. Last week we had our January meeting.

It was great fun. We were productive, energetic, and full of ideas about how to make the 2012 conference even better than 2011 (which was a great success!). But not every meeting is like that. Sometimes we’re rushed, behind schedule, tired, whatever…. We all have full, “real lives” outside planning the conference.

It occurred to me at this last meeting that planning a writing conference is a lot like writing itself. Sometimes it can be exhilarating! Sometimes we’re absolutely busting with new ideas for speakers, workshops, themes, etc. etc. etc…. And sometimes we’re not. Sometimes we just have to make ourselves plan the conference when we might not feel like it. We have to put our busy schedules on hold, we have to sacrifice a night at home, or an hour with our kids, and just get the job done.

Does that sound like writing to you? It does to me.

Also like writing, when the conference is finally happening, and when it’s all said and done, it’s a very gratifying, rewarding experience.

Here’s a link to the Breathe Conference web page and our Facebook group if you want to learn more about us.


5 thoughts on “On Planning a Writer’s Conference

  1. robynm2012

    Loved this blog post…and can’t wait for Breathe 2012! The Guild has equipped me and inspired me to use the skills and talents God has given me – for His glory! Thanks!

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