The Future of Books – Video by IDEO

A friend of mine recently sent me this video. It was a good refresher to see it again. The publishing team I work with at Zondervan watched it together some time ago. We’ve also spent hours discussing the future of books and different times. It’s an ongoing conversation in book publishing and retail circles everywhere right now. Before giving my thoughts on the video and the ideas it presents, I wonder what yours are?

Specifically, my question for you, the writer of a future book, does the future of books presented here by IDEO excite you? Or not? Why?


5 thoughts on “The Future of Books – Video by IDEO

  1. Diane

    To me, the movement toward the e-book is somewhat tragic. I see far greater value in physically and conversationally sharing books than I do moving a finger across the screen of my tablet. Downloading is convenient (travel, commute, organization, instant availability), however, imagining a day when few people share a much-loved, dog-eared read saddens me. Besides, a bedtime snuggle with a child and a nice i-pad just doesn’t have the same appeal.

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      I have a lot of similar thoughts/feelings. I’m still thinking through the possibilities this video presents. I’m trying to see the good side, but at first, all I can see are books as I know them and love them disappearing.

      More to come on this…

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