Brain Bomb: Goblins part 2!

Since my last writing update on the goblin project I’ve worked quite a bit on the manuscript. I think I’ve added nearly 3,000 words (I don’t know for sure as I’ve been writing on notebook paper). These 3,000 words make up the beginnings of three different scenes in the story and will grow more developed in the next week.

But something’s been nagging at me about the story. I haven’t been able to figure out how to wrap up the story line for one of the main characters. I’ve been trying to imagine how to do it, but each scenario I dreamed up just didn’t seem feasible.

Until Tuesday night. That’s when the brain bomb exploded!

I was laying in bed thinking through the story… (am I the only one that does this with their stories? I hope not. Please tell me I’m not insane…) Any way, all of the sudden an idea grenade went off – a second book! The wrap up for this character would be the perfect subject for a second book!


I was so excited I rolled over and tapped the shoulder of my sleeping wife.

“Honey! Are you awake?”

“Huh?” She had probably just fallen asleep when I asked her this.

“I figured out how to end the story! A second book! I don’t have to try and wrap it all up in this book. It’s perfect!” I was smiling like an idiot in the dark.

“That’s great, babe.” She promptly fell back asleep.


I won’t go into more detail about it than that right now. I’m still thinking it all through. All I have right now is the shell of an idea. Also, I’m still trying to finish the second draft of book one. However, before Tuesday night I wasn’t even sure I’d even have an idea for a second book. (It wasn’t even a concern of mine, actually. I’ve just been trying to finish book one.) Now, however, I know there will be a book two.

More goblins to come!



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