50 Word Challenge – Samuel Rayn

My friend Josh Mosey posted a 50 Word Challenge contest on his blog yesterday. I decided to give it try. Here’s my entry. It’s about one of the main characters in my novel.


Samuel flew alone. Their betrayal galled him. Though his skin matched a setting sun, all he saw was darkness.

After abandoning the ambush they’d never take him back. He should have acted faster.

Spell-casting, he conjured a hideout in the woods. Anger and blame were his only companions.


I encourage you to give this a try too. Can you compellingly, accurately, and succinctly describe a character in 50 words or less? It’s much harder than it sounds! (At least it was for me.) But it’s a lot of fun!


6 thoughts on “50 Word Challenge – Samuel Rayn

  1. John

    Often the shortest things are the hardest to write. As writers we can go on and on. But exercises like this are important — not for the brevity, but for learning to be concise, which is often stronger and better.


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