A Short Story Contest for Michigan Writers

A friend and fellow writer emailed me a link to the Write Michigan Short Story Contest last week. I’m going to enter and I already have my story drafted.

The contest details are fairly simple: there’s a category for kids under 18 and a category for adults; fiction can be in any genre; fiction must be no more than 3,000 words or approximately 10 double-spaced pages; all entries must be submitted by November 30, 2012. That’s about it.

A group of judges will later choose the top 10 entries for each category and place them online. Then anyone can vote on the story they think is best. At the same time, a small panel of judges comprised of Michigan notables will make their own selection from the top 10 entries. So in the end, two awards will be given out in each category a “Reader’s Choice” award and a “Judge’s Choice” award. On top of that, the top 5 entries in each category will be published in a new book by Chapbook Press. Chapbook Press (if I’m not mistaken) is an imprint started by Michigan’s Schuler Books & Music stores that employs their print on demand machine, “The Espresso Machine.”

More comprehensive and official rules are listed at writemichigan.org, but this is the contest in a nutshell.

During the 2010 3-Day Novel Contest I wrote a series of short stories in the science fiction genre. I never did anything with them. Of the group, one or two of them really shined as publishable material. This weekend I dug them out and picked out the best. It’s a story I’m very proud of entitled, “Archived.” I’ve re-read and re-edited it.  It fits the contest requirements perfectly. Now I’m in the process of sending it around to trusted readers for feedback. I’ll fill you in more about it as the contest gets closer. 

I’d encourage anyone who is a Michigan resident to give this a try (did I mention that Michigan residency is a requirement?). The contest entry fee is low ($10) and the chance to have this on my resume’ is exciting. I told a writing buddy this weekend, while the cash prize and the publication is very cool, I would just be happy with making the top 10 list or the top 5 list. That alone could help pave the way for future publication opportunities. 


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