Writing Update

I’ve been productive in the last week and a half. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back too much but I feel good about what I’ve accomplished. Here it is:

The goblin project – I made some headway on the beginning. I cut almost three pages of back story that opened the first draft and replaced it with a scene of action and dialogue with my main character. Right away readers will meet my protagonist, and through an altercation with an unfriendly ogre, learn of the plight of the goblins in my story. I’ve shown it to my spouse and a good writer friend so far, and they agree, its a more gripping beginning than the back story.

The Write Michigan Short Story contest – I mentioned this contest in Monday’s post. I’ve finished a draft of my entry and have given it to a friend who is a published poet and editor. He’s looking over it now. After he’s combed through it I’ll likely tweak it some more and then send it in. The deadline is November 30, so for now, I’m ahead of schedule.

Other writing – I dabble with poetry and have shared some of my poems this week with Bob from my writers group. I’m not much of a poet and tend too look at good poets the way I watch ballet or the Olympics: I have a deep appreciation for what they do, but I could never hope to replicate it, or even understand it, myself. That said, I was particularly proud of one of my poems and submitted it to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine this week. (It’s in the fantasy genre.) We’ll see if they bite.

HeyPublisher.com – Have any of you joined this site? I joined it this week. I wanted to submit a creative non-fiction article to the The Burnside Writers Collective and discovered that they only take submissions from Hey Publisher, so I joined. I’ve not explored it much yet, but it looks promising. It’s a site that promises to connect writers with publishers and make the submission process faster and easier. Let me know if you have any experience with it. I’ll be interested to see if it’s a useful tool or not.

That’s it for this week. I’ll post another update next week. Thanks all, for your encouragement. May your week be just as productive if not more so.

Write strong!



7 thoughts on “Writing Update

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad to have the new beginning under my belt. I’ve been aware that chapters 1-3 needed serious work for about 6 months now but just wasn’t able to figure out what to do with them. Hopefully this new intro will stick.

  1. Susie Finkbeiner

    Andrew! How exciting. I didn’t realize you were busy with a novel. And goblins no less. I’m excited to read it one of these days.

    I have appreciated Hey Publisher. It’s well organized and easy to use, both very important in my messy, tech not-so-savvy world.

    Just wondering, are you part of a writing critique group?

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      Hi Susie
      The novel is coming along slowly but surely. I’m working on a second draft right now. Online I’ve been calling it “the goblin project” and reference it frequently on this blog.

      I should’ve guessed that you are on Hey Publisher. I’ll “friend” you (or whatever they call it on that site). If you have any tips on how to make it a really useful tool, I’d love to here them.

      I am a part of a writers group. We call ourselves “The Weaklings” and have been meeting off and on since 2007. (Crazy to think it’s been that long.) I’m not sure if you have a formal arrangement in mind when you say “critique group,” but the other guys in the Weaklings are often the first people I share my writing with. They’ve read most of what I’ve written and provide feedback when requested. Is that what you mean?


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