Writing Update: The Breathe Conference and other ways to be busy

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. That’s not how I like it, but it’s been a busy few weeks! Here’s my writing update and a general update on other goings on that have kept me from the blog:

  • I’ve continued to work on the goblin project. I’ve not finished as much as I’ve liked, probably 500 to 800 words since my last update, but a little is better than nothing, right? ;-) I don’t know the exact word count as I’ve been writing it in a spiral bound notebook.
  • I’ve been writing in my journal more frequently. Like most people my journal writing comes and goes in waves. I’m in a wave of journal writing right now. I’ve just got a lot to say to myself, I guess. ;-) Seriously, I’ve found that writing in my journal does two great things for me: 1) it helps me process what I experience in a more complete way; 2) it provides creative kindling for later writing. Give it a try some time. Journal for a few months, then,  go back and read what you wrote on a day when you feel like you’ve got nothing to write. Your journal entries will spur on new ideas.
  • We just held the Breathe Christian Writers Conference. I’m a part of the Breathe Planning Committee. It’s an annual Christian Writers Conference held in west Michigan. I’ll be blogging more about it here in the coming weeks. I also wrote this post a few months back. This year I served as an MC and helped do some of the online marketing. It was fun, it was tiring, it was something I hope to do again. More to come on that…
  • I’ve been blogging frequently on the Breathe Christian Writers Conference Blog. Part of my role on the committee is to help maintain this blog. It’s been a lot of fun.
  • I’ve been blogging everyday for Zondervan on the Engaging Church Blog. Maintaining this blog is part of my role at work. If you are involved in church ministry – as a volunteer, or as paid staff – this blog is for you.
  • I attended the Catalyst Conference for Zondervan. You can see my IPhone Pics Report here.

Have you been writing? What’s your update?


2 thoughts on “Writing Update: The Breathe Conference and other ways to be busy

  1. Amelia

    You have been busy! It was an honor to work with you on this year’s Breathe Committee. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      Thanks, Amelia! I was honored to work with you too. You’re an email marketing queen. I think your efforts on email combined with the new location in GR might be the two biggest factors for the amazing turnout at Breathe this year. Seriously. Thanks for all you did!


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