My friend, and fellow “Weakling” writer, Josh Mosey posted some advance info about a writers event we’re planning for February 8th, 2013. We’re putting on a free, one night only, writers conference in Grand Rapids, MI. We need your help figuring out what to call the event though. You can vote for a name on Josh’s post.

Josh Mosey | Writer

I am a Weakling.My writers’ group, The Weaklings, have decided to put on a free one-night writer’s conference.

Now, you may be thinking, “If it is a one-night event, can you really call it a conference?” Valid point, and one that we debated the other night. But when it came down to it, calling it a seminar sounded really boring. Plus, even though it is one night, it is going to have more in common with larger writers’ conferences than you might think. We are going to have multiple speakers speaking on multiple topics, a chance to mingle with other writers, and it is being held in a beautiful location (the new, improved Baker Book House). In fact, other than the amount of time it takes up, the only other difference is the cost. Most writer’s conferences are expensive and the one we are planning is free.

We have a venue (Baker Book…

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