Wisdom from a Librarian

This week I got into a conversation with one of my favorite co-workers, our corporate librarian. This woman is in charge of not only our employee library (which contains copies of our books, our competitors books, and other necessary reference items) but more importantly, she oversees our “vault.” Our vault is a treasure trove of every single physical product we’ve ever published. It is meticulously maintained and organized. Everything we’ve ever produced is archived twice in this location. It’s a room kept under lock and key.

She was telling me about the reactions new members of our company were having when they first saw it. They marveled (which she expected) but then they asked something unexpected: Why?

“Why?” My friend had a shocked look on her face as she recounted this story to me. After a pause she said, “I just told them: Our past is who we are and tells us where we’re going.”


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