In a little over a month my writers group, The Weaklings, will host our first ever Writers Mini-Conference here in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s called, “Jot.” You can learn more about Jot at this website. I wrote the post below which is featured on the Jot home page today.

Jot Writers Conference

The most common error I see would-be authors make with their book proposals is omitting marketing information. In my time at Zondervan publishing I’ve had the privilege to read piles of books proposals. Many of them have been very good and eventually became viable book projects. Unfortunately, even more of them had to be rejected. But regardless of how clearly their point is made, regardless of how nicely they’ve formatted the information, and regardless of their publishing history, the continual mistake I find is an omission of pertinent marketing info.

Every book proposal should contain two different types of marketing information:

  1. An understanding of the marketplace
  2. A list of how you, the author, will help promote the book

Understand the Marketplace

It really used to intimidate me to hear things like this. How was I supposed to understand the marketplace? I’m unpublished. Shouldn’t it be understood that I don’t know a thing…

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