Fantasy author battles sexist book covers – Jim C. Hines

The more I learn about Jim C. Hines, the more I like him. Read this article from the BBC and you’ll see what I mean. Jim Hines has chosen a uniquely funny and poignant way of raising awareness about the blatant sexism on fantasy novel covers. I’ve read one of Hines’ books, Goblin Quest, and reviewed it here. You should also check out his blog. He has a lot more posts and images there on this topic, including posts about the females that appear on the covers of his own novels.

For a wannabe novelist like myself this is good stuff to think about. I know from my experience working for a publisher that while authors typically have a say in what goes on the cover, the publishing house is the one that sets the initial direction and gets to put the final stamp of approval on it.

Female readers: I’d be particularly interested to know what you think about this topic. Do you find most fantasy novel covers to be tasteless? (Spoiler: I do.) What do you think of what Hines is doing?



4 thoughts on “Fantasy author battles sexist book covers – Jim C. Hines

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      It’s a shame that you’re not reading the books because of the covers, but I totally understand. I’ve skipped numerous books in the store or library because of objectionable covers. I don’t want to read a book with a cover like that around my child or my wife. Even if the content is fine, if the cover is semi-porno what message am I sending my family by reading the book?

      You’re absolutely right about the mystery genre.

  1. sowingmercy

    Sorry to be coming back to this, but I was just over to the Kent District Library page, and their new books page made me think about Women’s fiction – “Romance” – the pictures are just as bad.

    My plain Jane Kindle has solved some of the cover art problems for me.

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      That’s one of the “perks” (I guess) to using an e-reader – you see the cover a lot less.

      On a related note I heard conjecture once that e-readers are part of the reason the “Shades of Gray” series became so popular. People could buy and read without others knowing.


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