Jot Mini Writers Conference: The iPhone Pics Report

The first Jot: Mini Writers Conference was held on February 8th, 2013 at Baker Book House. Here is my unapologetic-ally bad iPhone pics of the evening.

Josh Mosey_Jot


Josh Mosey gave a presentation on Flash Fiction. Read his blog and you’ll get a lot of exposure to it. It’s a hard medium to be good at. Josh, however, is a natural.

Bob Evenhouse 2_Jot


Bob Evenhouse gave a presentation entitled, “Things I wish I knew Before My Fifth Draft.” It was really excellent. He told his personal story of drafting and re-drafting his novel numerous times and all the joys and trials along the way. There were lots of practical takeaways for any wannabe novelist.

Structo Journal, poetry, works and days, jot writers conference


Matthew Landrum gave a great presentation on writing poetry. Something that Matt is uniquely good at is making poetry accessible to non-poets. I’ve told him numerous times that poetry feels like a complete mystery to me. It might as well be brain surgery or auto mechanics. I feel completely inept when I try to distinguish what is good poetry and what is bad. Over the years Matt has exposed me to a lot of great poetry and has a way of breaking down its mysterious nature into ideas I can understand.

Josh Mosey, Chad R. Allen, Baker Publishing Group, Jot Writers Conference


Jot ended with interview of Chad R. Allen by Josh Mosey. Chad is the editorial director of Baker Books. His interview was fantastic. He explained the three things they look for when considering a book proposal – unique message, great writing, platform – and he gave us an inside look as to what happens in a pub board. He also talked a little bit about the contract process and highlighted that authors are like “business partners” with a publisher. Both groups have to do their part in order for the book to succeed. I really enjoyed this interview.


4 thoughts on “Jot Mini Writers Conference: The iPhone Pics Report

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      Ha! I love his books. They’re funny and creepy at the same time. I’ve been reading Madeleine L’Engle’s poetry lately. It’s approachable and enjoyable to read. The book I have is called “The Weather of the Heart.”

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