Short Story published in Catapult Magazine

The online magazine, “Catapult,” just published one of my short stories. It’s called “The Time of Dan’s Life” and can be found at this link.

You may identify with this story if you’ve ever watched someone pass away from a long and debilitating disease. Unfortunately I’ve seen a little of that in my personal life, and even more unfortunately I hear about it all the time in circles of people I know. Cancer and similar diseases just seem so widespread. It seems that time is more valuable than anything else in these situations.

I hope you enjoy the story.



4 thoughts on “Short Story published in Catapult Magazine

  1. latayne

    I’m so proud of you! But I confess it was a bit painful to read — with my husband’s recent experiences. Did you know I call him “Danny”? Blessings to you and congratulations!

    1. Andrew Rogers Post author

      Hi Latayne,
      Thanks for reading that story. I didn’t know that you called your husband “Danny,” and in fact, in the writing process I wasn’t even consciously thinking about you or Dan. (Perhaps subconsciously?) Regardless, I’m thankful to God that Dan is still with you.

      My grandmother passed a few years ago due to dementia and other health problems. I also know of numerous families and friends that are touched by cancer. It seems like there’s never a time anymore when I don’t know of someone who is struggling with a life-threatening illness. Perhaps it’s just part of growing older. I certainly didn’t know of situations like this when I was younger.

      Anyway, for this story I tried to imagine how I would feel if my mom was suffering from dementia and wrote it down. “Dan” was the name I picked because it’s common (much like my own name). I wanted the character to feel like he could be any one of us.

      Thanks for connecting!


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