Tell me a story, John Williams.


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Lately, I’ve been listening to stories without words. 

Last week while working my normal “desk job” I listened to most of the Star Wars soundtracks while I worked. A co-worker friend did the same. This week we’re both listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks. (All 8 of them. In order.) It’s been fun and it give us something to chat about.

It’s been interesting to me that as I listen to the soundtracks I am also being re-told the stories of the movies. Because they are stories I know well, when I hear themes I recognize  specific images or lines of dialogue come to mind. The track listings also highlight major plot points. If you look at a portion of the track listing for the last Harry Potter movie you’d see song’s entitled:

“In the Chamber of Secrets”
“The Diadem”
“Broomsticks and Fire”
“Courtyard Apocalypse”
“Snape’s Demise”

…and so on. These track names basically outline what’s happening in the story.

The soundtracks have also caused me to remembere random things from ‘real life’. Things like, who I was with at the theater during a particular movie, the anticipation I felt walking into the theater, or the obligatory after-movie-drive-home-review conversations that my wife and I always have. So, this listening project is not just re-telling me the Harry Potter and Star Wars stories, but some of my own story as well.

I’m not sure how long my buddy and I will keep this up. Probably until we run out of good things to listen to. We’ve talked about doing Indiana Jones next week. I might suggest some Danny Elfman after that, but we’ll see. Either way, listening to soundtracks from favorite films in sequence has been an awesome way to re-hear some of my favorite stories.


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