On Planning a Writers Conference, part 2: Inspiration and Community

Last night I participated in a monthly meeting for the Breathe Conference planning committee. We meet throughout the year at a local book store. We drink coffee, work through an agenda, and hopefully manage to plan an annual writers conference that is both equipping and enriching.

But much more than just those pragmatics happen at each meeting. We encourage one another. We laugh. We have thoughtful discussions about writing and publishing that may or may not make it onto the Breathe platform, and without really trying – we reinforce one another’s identities as writers.

How do I know this happens? Because last night I came home full of writer juice (so to speak). Like a taught water balloon I was bursting with ideas. After putting my toddler to bed I sat down in wrote three pages of keep-able fiction. When I was finished I realized that the Breathe planning committee had filled my creative well. When I got home I just had to let it out.

Are you in a writers group? Or, do you have people around you who actively encourage your writing?

I can’t say this enough: I’d be nowhere without my writers group. I’d have written nothing. They are a community of writers that have helped me to press on and keep writing. The Breathe planning committee is an extension of that family, a community I’m privileged to be a part of. Community reinforces who you are – a writer – and reminds you to be that person in action. That’s what the Breathe team did for me last night and what my writers group does every time we meet.

If you’re a writer without a group I can’t encourage you enough: find one.


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1 thought on “On Planning a Writers Conference, part 2: Inspiration and Community

  1. Denise Joy

    So true, Andrew! I am grateful and humbled to be part of a creative team where each person’s skills, whether practical, technical, supportive, financial, etc. are used for the benefit of all. Add to that some humorous moments, prayers for others, and a generous dose of encouragement – what a blessing!


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