First books read in 2014

As February 2014 comes to a close I thought it might be fun to share the books I’ve read so far this year.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

gatsbyShortly after the New Year holiday my wife and I both came down with the worst flu I’ve ever experienced. Night shakes, high fever, migraines… it was a ugly. Somewhere after the migraine died down and before the chest cold set in I read Fitzgerald’s classic in two short sittings. Honestly, I devoured this book. It was so good! I think I read an excerpt of it in a High School English class but didn’t remember much of it. I couldn’t believe how swept away I was by Fitzgerald’s style and phrasing. When I closed the book I almost opened it up and started again. It was that good. I plan to read it again soon, perhaps after I’ve read some of his other novels.

Real Parents, Real Children by Holly Van Gulden & Lisa M. Bartels-Rabb

This book is required reading with our adoption agency. It was comprehensive and dry, but I’m glad I read it. It touched on nearly every issue that adoptive families might face. It wasn’t exactly happy reading, but completely necessary for preparing parents for challenges they might face together.

The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis, David Cross, & Wendy Lyons Sunshine

This book, like the one above, was required reading. It was interesting and also a bit depressing. It goes without saying that kids are placed for adoption for a reason. Most of the time these reasons are heartbreaking. This book and some of the others things we’ve been reading and watching as part of the adoption process detail all the horrible scenarios that cause parents to put their kids up for adoption and/or all of the horrible ways adoptions can go wrong. This book was helpful and I’m glad I read it, but it’s not exactly pleasant reading. It’s a cold (albeit needed) bucket of water. I’m still on fire to adopt. It’s tragic that so many kids suffer so much, though.

The Holy Bible

This one is kind of cheating. I didn’t read the whole Bible this year. I actually started reading through it in December of 2010. I was on-again-off-again with it, but I managed to keep a record and make sure I read every verse at least once. Over three years later… it’s done. I can now say I’ve read the Bible all the way through twice in my life. The first time I did so was during my 8th and 9th grade years. It only took me about fifteen months back then. Not sure exactly what that means for future attempts to read it through.

What books have you read so far? And why?


3 thoughts on “First books read in 2014

  1. Amelia

    Good list! I’ve never read gatsby. I saw the old movie but didn’t care for it, but the books are always better. I didn’t realize you were in adoption process. Any child will be so blessed to join iour family.

    This year I’ve read Love Does by Bob Goff, Julie Cantrell’s 2 novels, and Unquenchable by Carol Kent. All so good!


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