Ways in which my 4 year old and I are exactly the same

1) I’d rather not stop playing to go pee. It seems like a chore.

2) If I don’t have a snack around 10:30am and 3:30pm I get a little grumpy.

super-why-boy_03) Neither of us like to wear socks with holes.

4) I’d rather stay up past my bedtime. Who cares about tomorrow?

5) We both love Kristen very much.

6) We both think Curious George and Super Why are pretty cool.

7) Loud or hairy relatives repel us.

8) We agree that chocolate milk is always a better choice than orange juice.

9) We both like to ask why.

10) Matching our clothes seems like a waste of time.

11) “Bed head” is just the way we look.


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