A post about Publication Board meetings

I wrote a post for the Breathe Writers Conference blog today. You can see the whole thing right here. The following paragraphs are a short excerpt. Enjoy! -AR

Every book that is traditionally published goes through some sort of Publication Board meeting, more commonly called “Pub Board.” This is the meeting in which the final yes or no is pronounced on a given project. After Pub Board meetings publishers either mail out a contract or a rejection letter.

While every pub board meeting will differ slightly from publisher to publisher, there are some generalities that will remain the same. I thought it might be helpful today to talk about who is typically at a Pub Board meeting, and what their role is in that meeting.

The Acquisitions Editor

This is the person in publishing that most authors are familiar with. She is typically the one presenting project ideas to the rest of the group (though not always). Usually the acquisitions editor will provide other members of the Pub Board with the book proposal in advance of the meeting. At the meeting she will start the discussion by re-capping the high points of the proposal and hopefully make a compelling case to publish the book.

Depending on the company, she might have 15 minutes or more to present the book. In this case she might make a Power Point presentation, show a video of the author posted on YouTube, or use some other relevant piece. Or, she may only have 2 minutes to make her case verbally. It all depends on the publisher, the size of the project, and the number of items on the meeting’s agenda. Either way, she is the author’s advocate before the group.

Read the whole article here.


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