Paul Kent

Book review: THE REAL FORCE by Paul Kent

I really enjoyed this little book! It’s a fun and approachable guide to reading the Bible for 40 days.

Like many others, Star Wars was the movie of choice for me and my siblings when we were kids. In many ways I feel some amount of ownership (if that makes any sense) with the original trilogy because its dialog, toys, and characters were such a major part of my growing up years.

Paul Kent (full disclosure: he’s a friend of mine) must feel that same ownership because he treated the Star Wars canon with respect and obvious admiration. I found his points about truth — originating in the Bible, but illustrated in Star Wars stories — convincing and inspiring. I also think he did a good job of not overstating his case. There are no claims that Star Wars is a “Christian movie” or anything like that (see the introduction). Rather, there are observations that the truth of God — creation, sin, love and redemption — can be found illustrated in all kinds of places, even galaxies far, far away.

I’ve been a Bible reader for years and have used various reading plans and devotional books as guides. THE REAL FORCE was fresh and helpful for me. It got me reading Scripture and praying to the God revealed within it (that’s the whole point, right?) and it did so through the lens of some of my favorite stories.

I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in checking out the Bible, but who might feel intimidated by it, or uncertain of how to begin reading it. This book would be a great way to get started. I also recommend this book to regular Bible readers who are just looking for something fresh to start their reading and prayer times.


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