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A new arrangement for writing accountability

Does anyone hold you accountable to write? Do you meet with someone weekly or monthly with the expectation of sharing a new piece of writing?

I’ve been in and out of different writing accountability arrangements since I started writing in 2008. Most of the time I’m not participating in any sort of program. I am in a writers group, but our group meetings are loosely organized. The group seems to function well as a group of mutually encouraging friends, rather than as a critique or accountability group.

However, until the end of the year (and perhaps longer) I agreed to help a friend stay on top of his writing with the following arrangement:

-During the week we each keep a record of what we’ve written (no matter how small) and other writing-related things (like making submissions, or updating our blogs).

– On Friday nights we email each other our lists.

That’s it. It’s nice and simple. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how this quiet little agreement has inspired me to write more. I’ve been in a season of good production lately. Now that someone is expecting to see a record of my writing each week I anticipate getting even more good work done (at least that’s the hope).

The journal pictured here is what I’m keeping my record in. Cool, eh?