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Getting Started in Genre Fiction – A list of links

I prepared the following list of links for my presentation at the 2014 Breathe Conference today. If you’re interested in finding a few publishers to send your genre fiction to, check out these links. -AR

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine — http://www.asimovs.com/info/guidelines.shtml

Clarkesworld Magazine– http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/submissions/

DailyScienceFiction.com — http://dailysciencefiction.com/submit

EveryWritersResource.com, their list of the Top 10 Science Fiction Magazines — http://www.everywritersresource.com/topsciencefictionmagazines.html

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine — https://www.sfsite.com/fsf/glines.htm

Lightspeed Magazine: Science Fiction and Fantasy — http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/about/guidelines/

Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show — http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com/cgi-bin/mag.cgi?do=content&article=submissions

Tor.com — http://www.tor.com/page/submissions-guidelines


Mystery / Crime

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine — http://www.themysteryplace.com/eqmm/guidelines/

New Mystery Reader.com — http://www.newmysteryreader.com/submissions.htm

Writer Online, list of top 10 mystery market — http://www.shroudmagazine.com/info.html



The Midnight Diner — http://www.themidnightdiner.com/submit-your-work/

Nightmare Magazine — http://www.nightmare-magazine.com/about/guidelines/

Psuedopod — http://pseudopod.org/guidelines/

Shroud Magazine — http://www.shroudmagazine.com/info.html

Tales to Terrify — http://talestoterrify.com/submission-guidelines/

Horror Factor, a list of different markets for horror fiction — http://horror.fictionfactor.com/fiction.html



Write Michigan Short Story Contest — http://www.writemichigan.org/