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Book Review: “100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know” by Scott Edelstein

Scott EdelsteinI read 100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know a couple of years ago and recently pulled it out again.

I love it. It’s fantastic.

Edelstein is direct, practical, and encouraging. He offers seasoned advice that would be beneficial to brand new writers and experienced writers. It’s maybe 20% out-of-date in relation to the web, but the rest of the book is timeless.

The book is divided into these sections:
Basic (Writer’s) Wisdom
The Writing Process
Building Your Writing Skills
Making Money From Your Writing
The Writer’s Life

Another thing that makes this book great is that the chapters are short. There are lots of good stopping points. Perfect reading for writers who have families, travel for work, and/or just have limited time to enrich their writing.

Highly recommended. It’s a jolt of practical encouragement to write.


Book Review: Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz

Christina KatzChristina Katz has packed A LOT into this book. Any aspiring author, almost author, or new author will benefit from her insights on how to create and grow a writing platform.

I was especially impressed with part one, in which she discusses how to discover your platform and what your first steps should be to make it unique and natural to you. Every writer should read at least this section if they’re serious about having a career in publishing.

I was also amazed at the range of topics she covers: email signatures, taglines, mission statements, head shots, blogging pros and cons, blogging ideas, audience identification and selection, web-site design, style, etc. etc. This breadth of topics makes this paperback a strong reference resource. I’ll be referring to it time and again, I’m sure.

Highly recommended for wannabe and newbie authors.

Two Reasons to Use Twitter if You’re an Unpublished Writer

I blog occasionally on the Breathe Conference website. Here’s a re-post of an article published there earlier this year. 

Ask anyone who’s been using twitter for longer than a few months and they’ll likely tell you – “it’s a big distraction.” And it’s not just the disenchanted Twitter users who say this, I’ve heard a number of constant “tweeters” make this admission while they continue to tweet daily.

Now, ask anyone who’s ever tried to sit down and seriously “become a writer” what they do not want and you’ll often get a one-word answer: “distractions.”

So why would I recommend using Twitter to new writers? Glad you asked.

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Four Ways to Promote Your Book During a Presentation (Without Sounding Like a Salesman)

I heard a well-published, best-selling author speak at a conference today. (I hesitate to use his name because I haven’t asked for permission.) I watched him give a talk that is the gist of his new major trade book. During his talk he referenced his new book numerous times and none of them sounded pushy, “salesman-y,” or insincere – it was amazing!

I bring this up because I know this is not an easy thing to do. So many writers I’ve met glaze over when I start talking to them about self-promotion. The words feel dirty: “self-promotion.” As if we were talking about an egotistical running back that wants to brag about how many touchdowns he scored in the last big game. But that’s really not the case.

Marketing doesn’t have to be egotistical. Marketing doesn’t have to feel “dirty.” Marketing, like most things, is most effective when you do what you do best and tell a story. Here’s how he did it:

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